ele•vault (n.)

A dynamic mobile banking app on a mission to combine the concepts of elevating wealth & safeguarding it within Vaults.

focused on the mission

Almost 1 in 5 (or about 19%¹) of us remain either under-banked or outright unbanked.

Between banking deserts, a general lack of trust in traditional banks, or simply not wanting to get swarmed with fees, there’s no question as to why millions of Americans are having a tough time building wealth – not just for the present, but for future generations too.

We know how we got here. So, now the question is: What are we going to do about it?


Better interest.

Elevault pays interest daily at a rate that's significantly higher than other traditional and mobile bank accounts.

$0 fees. Period.

Millions of Americans contribute billions of dollars each year to all sorts of banking fees. Elevault is here to help you build wealth, not waste it on fees.

Build trust.

Elevault is a 100% mobile app designed by non-bankers, but backed by the security of Southern Bancorp, a member of the FDIC, CDFI, & GABV.

pull back the curtain

elevault is powered by...


Southern cultivates financial strength in underserved communities through a unique blend of traditional banking, credit counseling, and policy advocacy.


TeamWALT is the innovation division of Southern. Think of it as a fintech within a bank. We make apps to scale Southern’s mission to communities across the US.


See ya on the App Store.

Is Elevault on Android®?

Not yet! We expect to release Elevault to the Google Play Store™ by this fall! Be sure to join the waitlist to stay updated!

What happened to Wealthable?

Elevault is the artist formerly known as Wealthable. 🕺✨ We got a new name and look, but we're still the same app backed by the same team that brought you Wealthable.