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Common Questions

Vaults are flexible and customizable pockets that function like traditional checking accounts. They allow you to organize and manage your money for different purposes such as saving, expenses, and emergency funds. 

You have complete control to create, edit, and delete as many as you need, providing a convenient way to track and budget your money. 

To create a Vault, tap on the green plus sign next to “Create Vault”. Choose between Saving or Expense and name your vault.

(Optional: Set a goal amount, target date, and schedule recurring withdrawals with a desired frequency and amount!) 

VaultKeys are shareable account numbers used for transactions with companies, vendors, and merchants. They function like traditional Account Numbers, allowing direct debit or credit from your account. 

You have complete control over your VaultKeys and can deactivate them at any time to instantly restrict access to the associated vault. 

To create a VaultKey, tap the Key icon, select Vault Keys, tap the plus sign, name the VaultKey, and choose the associated Vault. 

Elevault does not have any fees! No overdraft fees. No minimum balance fees. No maintenance fees.  We’re here to help you build your wealth, not waste it on a bunch of fees.

Move money by tapping the black circle with the dollar icon located in the bottom menu. From here, you can move money between Vaults, Connections, or Linked Accounts. 

Select the location you want to move the money to and from, type the amount you wish to move, and tap Move Money. 

To link an account in Wealthable, tap the three blue bars on the top left, and go to Linked Accounts. Tap the blue plus at the top right of the screen. 

Tap “Automatically with Plaid” to link by signing in with your online banking credentials. 

Tap “or manually with trial deposits” to link by entering your bank account’s account and routing number. With this option, we will deposit a few cents to your bank account to verify the connection. You will need to confirm these transactions. 

Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner, go to Settings, then Security Settings, and select Password. Confirm your email and a code will be sent to reset your password. 

If you forgot your password, there is a link to reset your password on the login screen. Tap the link, enter your email address and you will be sent a code to reset your password. 

To scan your valid driver’s license, hold your phone camera over the barcode. Make sure the barcode is clean, undamaged, and not near other barcodes. 

Verify that your camera is clean, functional, and camera access is enabled for Elevault. 

The Health Score promotes wealth-building by assessing your spending and saving habits. It provides feedback based on research and five key factors, using your transaction history and app behavior. 

This score is only for Elevault use and has no impact on your credit. 

Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner, go to Settings, and tap “Request to Close My Portfolio.” An alert will prompt you to confirm the closure. Elevault will contact you within 2 business days to complete the process. 

Before you close your account, move all money from your portfolio to an active linked account. 

Absolutely! Your Elevault portfolio is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 through Southern Bancorp Bank (Member FDIC). 

We just rebranded! We got a new name and look, but all of the same features and perks are still here: like unlimited Vaults and our amazing interest rate.

Elevault is also still powered by the same folks that brought you Wealthable, so this rebrand is purely cosmetic!

Stay tuned for more exciting upgrades like VaultCards, Android accessibility, and more!

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